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Learning from one of the greatest wars ever!


Anybody who belongs to India or holds an interest in mythology, will know the value that Mahabharata has. It is remembered as a war between two mammoth cousin families.


Finding out more about the maha-yudh:


'The Pandavas’ and 'The Kauravas’ were two cousin families which have had many disputes over land and Kingdom over the years. However, Mahabharata is about the conflicts of 'Dharma'. The 'epic' is said to feature every possible human emotion throughout the course of the war. The conflicts are intense and innumerable. There are no rules except the rule of 'Dharma’. There are no clear directions to any right doings or wrong doings for the characters. Each action would have a consequence that they would have to bare.


The epic also leaves the readers with many moral value lessons. The Mahabharata is known to be one of the most legendary books, one which has been etched in the history of our nation. Originally written in the language Sanskrit, Bibek Debroy brings forth for the readers a translated version of the epic warship.

The Mahabharata Box Set by Bibek Debroy

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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