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All it took was one look. And they were in love...


Princess Hemangini is mesmerised by Prince Devendra when she falls into his arms while rushing across the royal gardens.


The Prince of Indrapuri is amazed that the Princess of Mahendrapuri is even more beautiful and graceful than what the visiting bards sang in praise of her.


Their mutual attraction blooms into love and they decide to get married. Tying the knot is easy, but consummating the marriage is another matter altogether.


As their love and passion draw them towards each other, Devendra’s mother, Queen Kanchana Devi, keeps throwing obstacles in the path of the lovers; sometimes in the name of rituals and sometimes inflicting doubts in their minds; doing her best to keep them apart.


As the frustrated bride and groom tolerate the intervening time with impatience, something happens to shake up Hemangini; something that makes her refuse to let her husband touch her.


What will the proud prince have to do to make his princess fall into his arms once again?


Read this historical romance from India to find out if the passionate princess finds happiness with her prince or not.

The Passionate Princess by Sundari Venkatraman

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