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On the eve of India's Independence, Maharaja Uday Singh, the King of Ranakpour, urges his children to find their place in the new India as their 800-year rule on the princely state comes to an end. Stripped of his royal status, Uday Singh's middle son, Abhimanyu, lands in Bombay to follow his passion - cricket.


While the young prince tries to adapt to life in the metropolis as a commoner, he meets Meera Apte, a struggling, working class singer with an angelic voice, and they bond over their common interest: Indian classical music.


Soon, Abhimanyu finds himself torn between familial duties and his growing passion for Meera.


Finally, the lovers make a choice that will change their destinies forever.

The Prince And The Nightingale by Abhishek Bhatt

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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