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Gururaj, the last of Goan priests sworn to the worship of Betaal, finds his life churning up abruptly when his ancestral temple's long stolen idols hit the local markets. He faces a challenging inner turmoil, reliving memories of a dreaded childhood night, when he witnessed the temple’s gruesome robbery by dreaded gangsters of the day.


Setting his fears aside, he leaps into the high stakes chase for the idols for it is on his success alone that the continuation of the age old Goan traditions of Betaal lie. Gururaj soon finds out that he is not alone in the chase and all characters involved in the original heist are drawn in to face each other once again. Will Gururaj be able to save the ancient traditions?


Will he find out who stole the idols? Would his secretive benefactor save him as before? Find out as you read through this fast paced tale The Secret of the Stolen Idols - a story based on real life historical events – is a fictionalized account of the last of Betaal worshippers in Goa. The book is a tightly woven suspense with a myriad of intriguing characters, fascinating sets, and well researched instructive chapters. Piece by piece - much like the stolen idols - the story unravels itself continuously till the very end.

The Secret Of The Stolen Idols by Vivek R Chaturvedi

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