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The Tata Group is India's largest and most globalized business conglomerate, with over 100 companies offering products and services across 150 countries, and 7,25,000 employees contributing a revenue of US$110 billion. Tata businesses span ten varied verticals. How did they come so far? How did they groom leadership, delight customers, drive business excellence and acquire global corporations? How did they create greater shareholder wealth than leading multinationals? How did they maintain a brand and corporate values that are considered a gold standard?

From the Victorian era to Independence, and from Licence Raj to a new millennium of globalization, the Tata saga has been nonpareil and deeply interwoven with the destiny of a resurgent nation. It encompasses the role of visionaries like Jamsetji and Dorabji Tata, and doyens such as JRD and Ratan Tata, in building iconic institutions that have played a remarkable role in the making of a self-reliant India.

This deep-dive into the Tata universe brings forth hitherto lesserknown facts and insights. It also brings you face to face with business decisions and their makers. How did Tata Motors turn around Jaguar Land Rover when Ford failed to do so? Why did three successive governments stall the entry of the Tatas into civil aviation? How did Tanishq transition from a near-failure to a stupendous success? Why wasn't Tata Steel's Corus acquisition successful? The result of over a decade of rigorous research, pan-India site visits and interviews with over 100 Tata leaders, this bestseller decodes the Tata way of business, making it an exceptional blend of a business biography, a leadership handbook and a management classic.

The Tata Group: From Torchbearers to Trailblazers by Shashank Shah

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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