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A tale of Devas and Asuras, where in the mythical planet of Dhruva-Lok, rests Lord Shiva's Trishul which no one has been able to wield in centuries. With prophecy, oath, boon and curse, the stage is set for a heroic clash between justice, duty and love!


Who wields the mighty Trishul?
Which side will Lord Vishnu take in an inevitable war?
Will a righteous one do adharma to honour his oath?
Will injustice be done to a lower class student?
Will a king be chained to his son's love?
Who upholds Dharma, and who falters?


Book One takes you to the origin of this epic journey.
The forces of Devas and Asuras, laid out in flesh and blood are rising to discover their powers. A fierce battle lies ahead as the destinies of everyone are about to collide.


A war story on what it means to be human!

The Wielder of the Trishul: Deva-Asura Katha by Satyam Srivastava

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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