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Some stories are complete in their incompleteness. Theirs was one such story!


Aahana finds herself amidst a mind agonizing situation where her memories start to betray her, piece by piece. Amongst those missing pieces, is an incomplete story from her past that has to be brought to closure.


Distressed by his inner demons of doubt and loss, Saksham sets out on a quest to the untrodden roads of northwest Kashmir to seek that unfinished story.


There, he meets Aabir - the CEO of Adroit Financial Solutions, who despite being powerful for the world, is powerless in the fight against the battles erupting in his very own core. 


And together, they voyage the story from a long-gone past, at the end of which, they find the missing pieces of their own beings.


This is a story of being broken and of being whole again. 

This is a story of love, hope, life, dreams, and a wish.

This is the story of how these lives entangle and evolve while on their journey towards the last wish!

Towards The Last Wish by Drishti Dasgupta

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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