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The destinies of the two princesses of Mithila had always been decided. Strong-headed and resilient, Princess Urmila is the heir to the throne and the keeper of the sacred bow Pinaka. Her sister Sita is intended to wed the next Vishnu. But Urmila's plan changes when she bumps into the rude, temperamental, lesser known Prince of Ayodhya, Lakshman.

Lakshman vows to become Urmila's royal consort in Mithila. But a failed assassination of Ram and the brutal murder of King Dashrath leads Lakshman to ask Urmila to abandon her future to protect the throne of Ayodhya while he helps build a secret weapon to match the one Lankapati Ravan was building.

When Ravan kidnaps Sita, the ensuing war spreads beyond Lanka to northern India, as Ayodhya's neighbours try to take over the kingdom. It is up to Urmila and her sisters to protect Ayodhya's throne. The only way to do that is to revive the Pinaka through an ancient tablet whose pieces are in four different ancient kingdoms.

Urmila now has an impossible choice to make. Should she protect Mithila as is her kshatriya duty? Or should she keep the promise she made to her husband in exile to protect Ram's throne?

Urmila: The Forgotten Princess by Smriti Dewan

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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