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Puranas are an inexhaustible treasure in Indian literature and life. We get a number of stories of human life in them. Stories related to sin and piety, dharma and adharma, action and undesirable action have been told in eighteen puranas, keeping certain gods and goddesses at their center. In this form, the study of the Puranas and inculcation of values within limits of modern life can show us a difinite direction.


The main basis of human culture are in continuing conflicts and continuous efforts aimed at freedom from these conflicts. The Puranas provide us a base in this regard, too. Keeping this end in view, the author presents Vayu Purana in the series of the Purana literature in a simple, lucid language in line with the taste of readers.

Vayu Puran by B.B. Paliwal

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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