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Suddenly, you’ve got hair sprouting all over your body. Your emotions are out of control. Mom insists on taking you bra-shopping, much to your embarrassment. And the cherry on the cake? A pimple on your nose, right on your BFF’s birthday.


Growing up may feel too crazy to handle just now, but seriously, it isn’t that big a deal. You just need to know what’s coming your way.


What’s Up With Me? is precisely that sort of a book, with practical suggestions for coping with the rollercoaster that growing up is. Tisca Chopra—actor, mother, film director-producer and author—has friendly, sensible and doable ideas on everything from your changing body to pimples and periods, health and hygiene to safety and self-worth, relationships and boys to emotions, and much, much more.


Gynaecologist Dr Mala Arora and psychologist Malvika Varma chip in to help Tisca provide you with more information about it all.


This straight-talking book for girls aged eight to thirteen will reassure you and spur you on to feel super good about yourself as you jump through the hoops of puberty into fabulous adulthood!

What's Up With Me? by Tisca Chopra

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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