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Falling in love? That's easy and natural. Staying and being in love? That's a challenge, at times. This is a story of two souls, who face this challenge and encounter it in a magical way. He is creative, narcissistic, and free-spirited. She is ambitious, loving, and selfless. After 5 years of love and marriage, there comes a point when they hit an unexplainable vacuum during a torrid fight, one fine Saturday night. The fight turns into an argument that seemed larger than it actually is. It reaches a point where they are confused about everything they have always believed about love in the first place. They go to sleep perturbed, but their souls stay awake. In love, and for love, the souls write letters to each other, taking us through a dream-memory-lane of the journey between them.


In this one night lit with letters, how far do the souls go? How close do they get? What happens when the mortal bodies wake up in the morning? "When Souls Make Love" is all about love - a compilation of letters written between the two souls, and a testimony to how his generation experiences love. The story of these two souls takes you on a trip into the realms of relationship, expectations, dreams, memories, lust, and a lot more that remains untold. Welcome to the soul world, where everything is possible.

When Souls Make Love by Maverick Prem

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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