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The difference between those who conquer fear and those who succumb to is how quickly you can get up. The ten billion dollar "Self Help" industry is about strategies, tactics, and hacks to tell you to get back up. Very few show you the "how" This is why, for every person getting up, there are twenty-seven who fall back down.


In this book, Poonam Jalan, a certified counselor and behavior analyst, talks about her journey from disasters to success; from heartbreaking failure to the ethereal happiness in helping others heal.


With a cocktail of science and compassion, she shares the "hows" of forming beliefs, letting go of pain, and emerging victorious from whatever life throws at you.

This is the story of a brave woman who refused to submit.

White, Soft, & Fluffy by Poonam Jalan

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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