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Everyone told me I cheated My blood, deceived My brothers, and befriended the enemies! On the holy ground of Kurukshetra, I chose the side of the Pandavas, knowing very well that they were on the right side of dharma and not My brothers, the Kauravas. But, was it only My sense of dharma or a hidden desire? Would you listen to my side of the story? Remember, there’s always more to a story than what meets the eyes and what hits the ears. I wanted to reclaim what was always mine, I wanted to announce what I was truly capable of, I wanted to prove that karma could overrule bloodlines and most importantly, I wanted to be much more than a mere king!

This is my journey. This is the story of yuyutsu!.

Yuyutsu - Rise of the last Kaurava by Aniket S Sharma

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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